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Biomar, a company with a long history of providing water treatment and purification solutions, offers a comprehensive range of services catering to the specific needs of customers in the waste water sector.

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Unlike other companies operating in the water purification, filtering and treatment plant market, Biomar has decided not to have a network of sales consultants, but to work only with qualified technicians who analyse the customer’s needs and offer him the most advantageous solutions, in a targeted manner.

We specialise in wastewater treatment for both civil and industrial applications.

Wastewater treatment

  • We provide wastewater treatment solutions for residences and villages without municipal sewer systems. We also deal with purification and phytodepuration systems, for small residential units.
  • Industrial sector: Our customers include car washes, industrial laundries, dairies, wineries, agri-food industries, and other sectors.
  • Forecourt stormwater: national and regional regulations require the treatment of forecourt stormwater runoff before it is discharged into the white water sewer system or into the environment. Among the plant solutions we provide “continuous treatment plants” and “first rain treatment plants

Some of our clients

Civil drains - Accessories and components
Automatic screw conveyor for civil drains ‘canteens and toilets’ Egeos in Matera. Flow rate: 10 mc/hour
Civil discharges - Phytodepuration

wastewater purification plant with phytodepuration for “residence ” Mattinata (Fg). Flow rate: 75 inhabitants equivalent

SBR waste water purification plant

for “Shopping Centre”. Gargano Shopping Centre – Monte Sant’Angelo (Fg). Flow rate: 40 mc/day.

Two-stage wastewater purification plant

for “horse stables” in Adelfia (Ba). Flow rate: 10 mc/day.

Waste water purification plant “town sewage plant”

Castel Morrone (Ce). Flow rate: 2000 population equivalent.

Phytodepuration plant for civil effluents

‘Agriturismo’ in Gravina (Ba).

Activated carbon filter for rainwater refining of food company forecourt. Flow rate: 5 m³/hour.
Forecourt rainwater treatment plant for “area 167 Municipality of Canosa di Puglia” Flow rate: 100 l/sec

First rainfall system for rainwater

from ‘metal and non-metal scrap company’ yard in Cassano delle Murge (Ba) Capacity: 2000sqm

First rainwater filtration plant for rainwater

from ‘auto wrecking yard’ in Molfetta (Ba) flow rate: 4 m³/hour

Car washes

Waste water purification plant for washing aircraft refuelling vehicles at Amendola Air Force Base. Flow rate: 1 mc/hour
Waste water purification plant with reuse for ‘vehicle washing’. Carabinieri Corps in Bari. Flow rate: 1 mc/hour
Waste water purification plant with reuse for “train and coach washing” Ferrovie del Gargano Foggia. Flow rate: 8 mc/hour

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