Tank leak testing and certified testing

Biomar specialises in the tank tightness testing service carried out with the help of the DLG (Differential Liquid Gauge) testing instrument. The system consists of a legal scale that works according to Archimedes’ principle: a variation in the apparent weight of the float is made to correspond to a variation in the immersed volume of the same and consequently to a loss of liquid in the unit of time. It can be used to perform tightness tests on tanks, basins and wells in conjunction with the W110 filling sensor.

Work in confined spaces

‘Work in confined environments or environments suspected of being polluted’ is classified as such when it is carried out inside places or environments that are totally or partially enclosed, not designed or constructed to be occupied by persons, nor intended to be occupied by persons, such as: tanks, silos, chimneys, wells, underground passages, sewers, pipelines, holds, cavities, road tankers, combustion chambers, reactors in the chemical industry, etc.

The risks

The risks potentially present in a confined or suspected polluted environment are many:
  • difficulty breathing, cyanosis, disturbance of consciousness, suffocation, death
  • fire and explosion that can occur in the presence of ‘flammable gases and vapours’
  • risks associated with the presence of hazardous chemical agents
Working in such spaces therefore implies observing prevention and protection measures, including designing and organising workplace systems, using equipment suitable for the specific job such as: multi-gas detector, self-contained breathing apparatus, ventilation sets, rappelling hoists, specific PPE, etc. Biomar’s technical personnel carry out work in confined environments because they are adequately trained and educated in compliance with the relative legislation Lgs. 81/08.

CO2 cylinder refilling service for GASIFIERS AND REFRIGERATION UNITS

Biomar Srl has implemented a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide for food use) cylinder refilling service for all types and brands of gasifiers and coolers. Customers who have a domestic gasifier or water chillers for bars, restaurants, pubs and reception rooms can come to us with an empty cylinder and collect a full one, or refill their own cylinder on the spot. We have invested in certified machinery and equipment and are the only ones in the area who can safely refill CO2 cylinders in gas fridges with the assistance of our qualified staff.

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