Offices and Catering

Solution for offices and the Horeca sector

As specialists in water treatment and purification, we offer solutions and services for offices (we can provide bottles, columns, reverse osmosis purifiers, water softeners, dispensers…) and for the Catering industry (soda machines, anti-Legionnaires disease solutions, water dispensing systems…).

We are at your disposal for a  consultation. Our experts will help you find a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.

For offices

For offices we provide water fountains with and without bottles and cold and sparkling water dispensers.

In our sector, the typical needs of an office, regardless of its size, are to solve the problem of supplying drinking water for its staff. With our water fountains, we can perfectly meet the goal of having the convenience of being able to drink pure and fresh water, without generating plastic waste that has a strong impact on the environment and our seas.

With our refrigerated water fountains that offer sparkling and chilled water, you can eliminate the need for bottled water in your workplace and provide your employees with a refreshing and convenient alternative.

Catering industry

Water dispensers for cold\sparkling water for cafès, bars restaurants, banquet halls….. We offer consultation and technical assistance for the catering industry We provide very reliable equipment made exclusively in Italy. For example, we can provide cold/sparkling water dispensers for bars, restaurants, banquet halls and  canteens. For hotels and B&Bs, the water in the heating systems needs to be treated, both to preserve it from limescale (with water softeners) but above all – especially in this period – to preserve people’s health by installing anti-Legionnaires disease systems. It is important to carry out checks in this regard, Legionnaires disease bacteria is released with the steam from hot water. We provide solutions for water for catering: we can provide water dispensing systems for canteens and refreshment areas for dispensers that provide cold and sparkling water to serve to customers.

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Water dispensers, columns, and reverse osmosis purifiers are essential for offices and catering businesses, and they need to operate flawlessly due to their frequent usage. Our experienced technicians are committed to providing the highest quality maintenance services with the shortest possible response times. We can repair or maintain any device, even those not purchased from us, to ensure that they are always in top condition. If you encounter any problems, please contact us immediately. Our efficient service team will be available to provide on-site assistance or pick up and return your device.

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