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Biomar operates in Puglia and Southern Italy in the water treatment sector for industries, at 360°. We deal with the treatment of process water, water that is used in industries for the production or treatment of the product or service. Contact us for advice.

Our expertise extends to revitalizing outdated systems and modernizing existing setups, positioning us as a leader in this specialized niche. We prioritize customer satisfaction by employing a dedicated team that handles the design, acquisition, installation, and ongoing maintenance of these systems. Here are some examples of the solutions we can provide in this domain.

Industries that utilize water in their production lines require the water to undergo treatment before being introduced into the process. This treatment is tailored to meet specific requirements. Once the production process is complete, the water’s characteristics have typically altered, necessitating further treatment to render it reusable. This secondary treatment process is essential before discharging the water into sewage systems or the environment.

Some examples


An industrial laundry that uses water for washing garments and water for steam production, also serving the installations, needs preparatory treatment of the water itself (this applies to both mains water and artesian well water).

Pre-treatment will therefore be necessary in order to preserve garments and plants and to guarantee the highest quality in processes. We must not forget that cleaner water always guarantees energy savings and a reduction in chemicals used to wash garments. Our services ensure less chemistry, less plant maintenance, greater energy efficiency and more eco-sustainability.

Once treated, water normally needs to be purified to remove excess pollutants. Biomar supplies and installs suitable purification plants with specific functions according to requirements and production and processing cycles.

Biomar supplies, installs and maintains purification plants: we are a single partner for all industrial needs.

Some of our clients

Some of our clients - Industrial drains

Industrial Laundries

SBR waste water purification plant for “industrial laundry”. Retirement home in Corato (Bt). Flow rate: 3 mc/day.

MBBR biological wastewater treatment plant for “industrial laundry” Corato (Bt). Flow rate: 10 mc/day

MBR wastewater purification plant for “industrial laundry” Mattinata (Fg)

Flow rate: 30 mc/day


SBR waste water purification plant with phytodepuration for “wine cellar”. Cantine Rocca – Leverano (Le). Flow rate: 20 mc/day.

Accessories and components

Ultrasonic open channel flow meter for drains. “Agro-food company in Cerignola (Fg)

Car washes

Waste water purification plant for washing aircraft refuelling vehicles at the Amendola Air Force Base. Flow rate: 1 mc/hour

Car washes

Wastewater purification plant with reuse for “vehicle washing”. Carabinieri Corps in Bari. Flow rate: 1 mc/hour

Car washes

Waste water purification plant with reuse for “train and coach washing” Ferrovie del Gargano Foggia. Flow rate: 8 mc/hour


biological wastewater purification plant with phytodepuration ‘dairy’ in Noicattaro (Ba). Flow rate: 1 mc/hour


Biological purification plant for ‘drinks/coffee vending machines’ Bari. Flow rate: 100 l/hour

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